About Chiu-Chi Chen

Chiu-Chi Chen graduated from Chung Yuan University with a Bachelor in Architectural Engineering. After working with a few Architecture/Engineering companies, he was able to come out on his own in 1989. He has worked in projects in Arizona, California and Nevada. He currently holds only Arizona and California licenses. Though he may look into other state licenses depending on the project’s details. Chiu-Chi is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) since 1988. His past work experiences includes custom homes, office buildings, churches and government/military buildings. By working in California, he has also accumulated the experiance in working with seismic upgrades according to the regulations by the state.

Our Work

Our work has partnered up with architectural companies like Dominy & Associates and Studio C. We are always looking to expand our work with other companies. We pride ourselves in our work through excellence represented by the buildings standing with pride. The office buildings to personal homes show our strong foundations with our architectural partnerships. Our past work can be seen on the past project tab in our website. Along with being connected to the web, we are now fully utilizing Web 2.0. In our Follow Us tab, you are able to follow us through Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and even LinkedIn. If you have any of those social media outlets please feel free to add us and utilize those channels. Along with those tabs, we also include a Contact US and please feel free to contact us anytime in regards to new businesses, comments or even question through our Contact Us form.