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Good news in San Diego…

In a recent turn of events with the economy, San Diego is now ranked 10th in real estate markets to look out for in 2011. This is great news for San Diego especially for investors and new home owners who are looking to find a home in this sunny Southern California town. The study was done by Urban Land Institute which is based in Washington. It has rated San Diego as one of the better coastal cities that will recover from the real estate drop the last few years.

The top 10 markets and their scores on the 1-9 scale for 2011, ULI says, are:

  1. Washington, 7.01
  2. New York, 6.56
  3. San Francisco, 6.34
  4. Austin, 6.29
  5. Boston, 6.20
  6. Seattle, 6.09
  7. San Jose, 6.08
  8. Houston, 6.02
  9. Los Angeles, 5.84
  10. SAN DIEGO, 5.63

The full article can be seen on here.

Auto-Cad Supported Here…

Autodesk Auto-CadDue to our constant updates with technology today, we decided it was our clients and ourselves best interest to be able to handle Autodesk’s Auto-Cad software in our business. Auto-Cad not only allows us to be with today’s structural engineering and architectural world but we are able to get the job done much more efficiently. Auto-Cad is a wonderful program which with experience can become a great tool and we are glad that it is in our arsenal. If you’re interested in utilizing our services with Auto-Cad please let us know through either our email or contact page. May it be either a simple project that needs transcribing or a big project that needs structural engineering work with Auto-Cad, at C.C. Chen Engineering we can get it done. Contact us today for more information about our new capabilities utilizing Auto-Cad.

New Website layout look!

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